Patriot Truck Leasing is a truck reuse program supporting a sustainable future for our planet.

Illustration 'Help Us Build a Sustainable Future'

Patriot Truck Leasing is committed to providing businesses from coast to coast the opportunity to maximize their visibility and advertising potential while minimizing their environmental impact. In an effort to re-use and recycle our existing inventory of trucks – Patriot offers a new and innovative form of branding and on-site advertising. This is achieved by way of a fully operational truck that is also used by a business for its commercial uses. In fact, our trucks serve multiple functions including marketing, storage, and the ability to pick up and drop off inventory, among other commercial uses.

Our trucks help businesses avoid the additional construction of new signage and the prospective use of raw, potentially harmful materials and components which are typically part of the manufacturing process of new billboards or signs. Specifically, our trucks help businesses circumvent the use of steel, petroleum, hard plastics, tree based products and paint that are typically used to create these new billboards or signs. Finally, each truck is allowed a certain mileage allotment which reminds businesses to think before they use the truck which would result in the release of more vehicle emissions into the environment.

Patriot Truck Leasing is a cleaner, sharper, more efficient form of advertising which contributes to sustaining the quality of life we enjoy today for our future generations. All of our contact with existing and potential customers is through electronic or digital communication saving nearly 3,000 sheets of paper as we try to conserve as many trees as possible. This is one of several sustainable practices we incorporate into our everyday operations. We remain focused on reducing waste and dedicated to salvaging reusable components. The commitment to sustainability, through our products and services, has helped improve our positive impact on the environment.

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