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We are your creative partner in mobile advertising

We believe that good advertising doesn’t need to be overly complex. Our simple, flexible process allows you to control the outcome of your marketing campaign.

For over a decade, Patriot Truck Leasing has crafted unique, eye-catching displays for small shops, boutiques, franchises, national chains, and organizations of all types. As a sister company of U-Haul International, we benefit from an extensive nationwide network of trucks and imaging shops.

Our primary goal has always been to provide affordable, on-site advertising. Our trucks get your business noticed by more and more customers by advertising where you need it most.


Thousands of businesses have advertised with Patriot Truck Leasing.
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We have a lot of AT&T retail locations that are set back from the main road or blocked by other buildings and the Patriot trucks are a low cost option that give us the visibility we need. Almost immediately we had customers walking through our doors saying they never knew we were here until they saw the truck parked outside. They have been a great addition to our advertising.

Angela Fleck
RSW Group Marketing Manager

The truck has been an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS!!! We have 5 stores and so far we only have one truck but whichever store we place the truck at shows the highest weekly sales . We are looking into getting a few more for our other stores also.

Wajiah Khan
Little Caesars Franchise Owner

In an advertising attempt to reach a larger audience, we began using Patriot Truck Leasing. We’ve tried traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper, radio and TV but found we could attract more people with outdoor advertising through Patriot. This has proven to be a huge success and we have gotten great feedback from our current and new customers. It is a great way to spread the word on our services in a very cost effective way.

Ryan Delman
Jersey Mike’s Subs Franchise Owner


Patriot Truck Leasing is a truck reuse program committed to a sustainable future for our planet.

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